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Supercharge Your Team

​Merging the Prowess of AI Tech with a Personalized Human Touch for Unparalleled Personnel Discovery and Selection!

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Do you have a strong professional top team?

Are you searching for additional professionals but unsure how to find them, operating on a tight budget, and in need of them promptly?

Then come to CoachLab

At CoachLab 
it's not just a promise; 
it's reality

We seamlessly combine unique consultants' experience and cutting-edge technology to streamline recruitment, delivering faster, superior, and cost-effective results.

Our artificial intelligence technology manages a vast pool of candidates, handling the most complex and specific requests. Meanwhile, our professional consultants, with more than 20 years of executive search experience, carefully select the best talent.

О нас

witn CoachLab

You can access a pool of the best possible candidates for your executive positions.


Our consultants will help you choose not just the best candidate but one tailored to your unique needs or ideal for your company.

How it Works
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How it works

✓ AI performs intelligent resume reading.

This technology expands the funnel of suitable candidates and selects those who might be overlooked by a standard recruiter. For instance, if you need cumulative work experience in a specific field rather than specific companies, AI can extract this information from the candidate's job titles.

✓ An experienced recruiter conducts interviews with the selected candidates:

  1. Verifies the alignment of stated competencies in the resume

  2. Determines the candidate's psychotype and how well they fit the company and potential role, etc


Rest assured that with CoachLab, you're making 
a confident and informed hiring decision for a fair and transparent fee.

⇠ Fill out the contact form and get a free consultation 

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