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Psychoanalytic cinema club

Cinema therapy is one of the methods of art therapy, the safest and most environmentally friendly method of group work, which is gaining more and more popularity in the world. We explore life situations, find new meanings and solutions while watching and discussing exciting films and series.


Watching scenes from films together with a professional coach-moderator, we jointly analyze life situations lived together with the characters

New project & «CoachLab»


CinemaLab is an author's coaching project of group discussion of feelings and emotions on the example of watched film stories

Course of sessions film therapy, where ordinary life situations are discussed on film material

Reflections on the issues raised in the film allow you to look at your own life and inner world from a new angle, expand the possibilities of consciousness. When watching the next scene from the film, we transfer our “I” to one of the movie characters. If the situation played out in the movie responds to the one in which you are now or have recently experienced, this enhances the moment.

The film itself, in this case, is a tool for a deeper study of oneself and acquaintance with the newly discovered sides and experiences. Group discussion helps to understand and accept   different opinions and   points of view, thereby expanding the horizons of awareness.

Features «CinemaLab»

Than you useful CINEMALAB:

Look at situations in your life from a different perspective and discuss them safely

Gain new experiences and combine them with amazing insights from group discussions

Find out on the example of movie stories why sometimes circumstances develop this way and not otherwise, why there are constant repetitions in life, why we become attached to something, do not let go of something and get into an emotional swing.

Excellent intellectual and emotional pastime

A new type of self-knowledge and of course new acquaintances!

Fun, interesting group work

Join us right now!

✓ If you are tired of the routine and want to try something new

✓ If you want to meet not only interesting people, but also a new you

✓ If you want to see and experience all the benefits of group work

✓ If there is no time to get out of the house for a long time, but you want something interesting

✓ If you need a fresh, non-standard look at solving problems and situations

✓ If you want to “switch” and free your head from problems

✓ If you are looking for new meanings and want

«For me, watching a good movie is like meeting someone who has influenced me»


Pedro Almodovar


Every week we announce a new movie

You watch the movie yourself. Come to the online class on ZOOM or watch the lecture in the recording

The cost of one screening is $39 You can buy a CinemaLAB screening as a gift! When paying, enter your friend email

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