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Coaching program

We will help you adapt to a new place

In terms of stress, moving is similar to the stress of a fire, even if the move is desired. The AdaptationLab program will help you:

  • reduce feelings of anxiety and insecurity

  • make useful contacts

  • find a professional development vector 


✓ Adaptation will be easier and more enjoyable

New project «CoachLab»

During the meetings:

CoachLab launches a free coaching support group «Help to adapt» for those who came to the US less than 3 months ago.

Is it possible to feel successful and happydespite all the difficulties?

Yes, often despite the joy of moving to a new place, those who have arrived also experience anxiety, insecurity, loneliness and do not understand how to start life in a new place.

From many clients / partners and friends, I hear that friends and relatives who have been forced to emigrate or decide to stay in the States experience some kind of difficulties associated with adaptation.

Who would benefit from the help of CoachLab?

This program for you if:

You need to start your career from scratch

You have communication problems related to the language barrier, lack of knowledge of the rules and traditions

You are experiencing difficulties associated with a total change in lifestyle, the lack of familiar rituals and systems

SEO «CoachLab»

Master of Psychology, Professional Certified Coach (PPC) of the International Coaching Association (ICF), psychoanalytic coach consultant, member of the International Association for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO), facilitator and group moderator.

+ Total coaching hours > 600

+ 8 years in consulting

Presenter programs

coaching support

Event format:

Coaching work in a closed group - up to 16 people

Duration - 2 months. Classes 1 time per week (1.5 hours)

Program start June 15, 2022


Registration for the program 

How to stop worrying and start living, act and enjoy life?!

⇠ Fill out the contact form and go beyond your own, already established worldview, out of your comfort zone, and learn to understand yourself and others a little better.

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